hey its me,

I’m posting(once again) from the information centre (or IC for short, not to be confused with IB) and i’ve been seeing the teachers lining up at our librarian’s desk all reporting that they have a virus on their laptop it seems like we’ve been having those a lot of those  lately  and I (unlike some other people i might add) are very worried about all these virus so i’ve stopped writing E-mails from here to my home computer  to avoid getting one which would be TERRIBLE! and i ‘m also am not going to use  my flash drive here anymore.

A computer virus

A computer virus that I don't want to get (courtesy of flickr)

Now  I bet you’re wondering what does this have to do with being tired?  Well i was going to get to that.  Now  for school we have to get her at 7:45  an hour earlier than last year And for student council we have to get her At 7:00.  i mean why can’t they have school start at like 10:00 in the morning .   I mean honestly.   what would be wrong with that. Well that’s all