hi all

I totally forget to post about this so I wanted to tell you guys that I Cannot wait till Halloween my costume is so awesome I’m going to be a Dementor from Harry potter i’ll try to get you guys some pictures as soon as Halloween si over And also did you guys here about that northwest plane that shot over Minneapolis (NW’s 2nd largest HUB) by 150 miles and it turns out they were actually Delta pilots( I’m not sure that entirely true) I hate Delta because they took over my favorite airline  Northwest which  was very mean well heres a funny clip from David Letterman.  you might have to watch an ad before it if you do I’m sorry.

Also… did you here about that balloon boy in Denver that was just terrible and I mean terrible

the 6-year-old kid Eagle  (I don’t know either???)  said ” oh yeah it was a show”  I mean those people are freaks i watched them ion the today show and they must have been up all night doing inter views or something because when the cut to satellite they were all a sleep and they had to wake the dad up and then the sion woke up and said ” hey mom mo wake up were on TV again” and then suddenly the little kid started throwing up or something and the had to cut to the ugly dad’s head shot but you could still hear him going  bL-Bl BLAh… BLAH and then the dad started shouting at Katie Couric and saying that his 6-year-old was an idiot when she asked him about what he said and it was  just weird

I’d also just like to pull a couple random polls on you guys

and another

that will be all

UPDATE: sorry i can’t get the video up and running but watch it here http://www.cbs.com/late_night/late_show/video/?pid=aWtf7wNdIxTA9PS3BND_YY38ZhL0vhNh