First of all, I want to say that some of us who aren’t as “tech savvy” as the rest of us.  May not enjoy this as much or care as much.   So if you’re not, just go on to the next post and stop wasting everyone’s time.  Anyway I just wanted to tell you, my loyal blog viewers of this awesome new web browser I found.  It’s called Opera (not Oprah I thought it was Oprah at first to).  And some of you may say “that name sounds familiar”. Well it is.  That is the web browser that supports the Wii Web Browser at the bottom it says powered by Opera.   Let me tell you about some of its features

  • Opera turbo makes Opera go faster (kind of like COX power boost) which really helps.
  • It has widgets to the wazoo.
  • Opera skins customize your browser.
  • Speed dial.
  • Opera link you can constantly synchronize all of your bookmarks, notes, and other useful browser data between all your computers & mobile phones
  • Opera social networking.
  • Opera mini, a mobile browser.

And that’s why I love opera.

Well that’s all for now, bye

~Declan ~