I am so angry… I should write an angry E-mail to that idiot mayor Jim Sutle… A speed-bump in front of my nice house… Sorry.  The idiotic Omaha government decided for some reason that they wanted to do construction in front MY nice house.   And get this, they’re also gonna put in a speed-bump, Which is sooooo annoying because, people going over the bump is gonna be load, AND if someone does go over to it to fast and Does break their axle guess whose house they’re gonna be in front of, and guess whose phone they’ll want to use.  Mine!

Stupid Omaha Government.

I’ll tell you what they need to do.  Instead of building stupid speed bumps maybe they should try to fix the city’s budget crisis.  Also we went out there on Tuesday (when they started the construction) and asked (ok more like shouted) at them asking what they were doing and guess what they said.  “No speak English lady” no that’s just wrong.  Couldn’t the city at least hire people who speak English.  I mean come on.  Well anyway I have a story to tell you guys.  Ok so I walk into my building this morning and it’s like 14 out and I walk in to the building and it’s still only like 40 inside. So I try to go on with my normal business.

Carry on.

So I go to all the places I normally go in the morning and they’re all only like 40 or 50.  So I finally go to the Information Centre and in there it’s nice and warm probably about 75 like most of the building is on a normal day.  Now it’s like this until probably about I don’t know maybe 9:00 and then it started to warm up.  Well that’s my story.  Speaking of stories I was wondering if you guys had seen that story I posted yesterday I wrote one day and I will be posting a different part of it every week on Thursday.  Speaking of yesterday’s posts I also posted a restaurant review on a new restaurant Pitch.  Well that’s all I have to tell you.  Bye.


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