Hi all,

If you’re like me you LOVE Christmas, and gifts, and relay  care about whats hot right know, and must-haves and, all that stuff.  That is what this post is about.  Now if you’re not like me and you don’t care move onto the next post and stop wasting everyone’s time. Ok now that i have that out-of-the-way We can move onto our first must-have.  Our first must-have is … The Nintendo DSi.

Gren is the best colour. The new Nintendo DSi is packed with new features such as…

  • 2 Cameras
  • internet access
  • a microphone
  • a moved power button (the other one caused so many accidental turn-off
  • many other new features

But some things that are not so good about it is the removal of the alternate GBA game slot, a shorter battery life, and of course it is harder to use.

But lets forget about those and focus on some positive things about it.  Like the internet access. Unlike a smart-phone’s internet access the Nintendo DSi can’t access a network only Wi-Fi connections and wireless routers.  however browsing is much like that of a smart-phone visiting mobile sites and using a mobile browser.  It comes in 4 colours in the u.s., red, blue, black , and white.  It goes for $160 and uses the same games as are regular DS  and can be found wherever Nintendo products our sold.  nintendodsi.com

Our next must-haves is a much smaller, much less expensive item… Super Mario Wii.

must have number 2

The new game just recently released by Nintendo.  Is already gaining popularity and is becoming hard to find.  I believe this will be the most popular Mario game yet.  Another cool feature is that it can have 1-4 players(to the one person on earth who actually has 4 wii remotes). You can work together as a team and against each other.  it is rated E for everyone and goes for $50 just like every other wii game  and is available wherever nintendo products are sold.

Our next must have is another video game … Mario and Sonic at the Olympic  Winter games.

The sequel to, you guessed it “Mario and Sonic at the Olympic games” is now compatible with the wii balance board and is the official game of (what else) Vancouver 2010. It is rated E for everyone and is available for Nintendo DS and Wii.  $50 for wii and $30 for DS.

One more must-have, not a video game this time…

One more must-have, not a video game this time…

The Flip(TM) Video camera.

I’m actually hoping for one of these this year so I can finally post some videos to you guys. (well no offense to the flip but I kinda want a different one :0 surprising isn’t it) It holds 60 minutes of HD-Quality video(1280 x 720 resolution at 30 frames per second; 16:9 widescreen) on 4 GB of built-in memory. And it Weighs only 3.3 ounces; Super-Slim, super-sleek design, fits into your pocket.  Goes for between $80-$100(Idon’t suggest paying any more).

Well that’s all.