First of all this is going to be a VERY long post, just  to let you know.   Also sorry I haven’t posted in a long time I’ve been so busy.  Oh yeah… this is going to be like all the posts I had planned combined.  Well the first thing I’m going to talk about is our new TV!!!!!  Yep, we got a new TV from Nebraska Furniture Mart.  A 60 in. (well they sold it as 52′ but it is actually way bigger.  I’ll get you guys some pics as soon as I can  Also I now have a Facebook.  But The current Facebook account is only for people who know me personally so don’t take it personally if I reject you .  I am working on one where you become a fan instead.   RANDOM POLL ALERT, RANDOM POLL ALERT


And for those of you who don’t know video blogging is where I make a video of myself and do that as a post.   Next on the agenda, we had an extended Christmas break because we had 3 conveniently placed snow days after our break.  The snow was awesome we got like 6 feet of snow in my backyard.  but it’s getting warmer during the day but then it gets like 2 degrees at night and everything that melted turns into ice.  Also we’re supposed to get like 2 inches of ice tonight so we might get another snow day tomorrow.  And in the room that I’m in now we have these huge floor-to-ceiling windows and outside on the patio there’s a drift higher than the window We used to look at lake Zorinsky and now we look at a mountain.  I’ll try to get you some pictures.  Also I went to see the movie Avatar a while ago… Best movie ever.  Look for a review post later.  Oh yeah (Don’t worry last thing) I’m trying to learn the Na’vi language the native people of Pandora in Avatar speak.  Learn it with me at .

well that’s all I have to talk about.

Bye all,