Hi all,
This is my first ever post by E-mail. I’ve always had it just never had to use it but my WordPress for blackberry app isn’t working. It’s 6:45P and we were supposed to go home at 5:00P. So I’m sitting here in the AMEX breakroom here in Omaha. We’re the only ones on this floor but the good thing is this office 22/7 and there’s a security guard outside but it’s still kinda creepy just being here. But the wonderful thing is that our boss isn’t here. So I’m just sitting here in the breakroom watching AFV on WGN. Also who likes my new theme. Just to let you guys know I have the korean tourism agency to thank for that picture. Also you have probably noticed that new tab at the top of the page about employment. It is currently only for people who know me personally so of you do and want to work just talk to me on monday. Well that’s all I have to say Bye all,
PS sorry about the signature it’s automatic.
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