Hi all,

If you have been keeping up with my twitter then you know I had a wonderful night out last night.  We had a wonderful dinner at the lovely M’s pub.

Look for a review on that later.  Then we went to a wonderful concert at the Holland centre with the Omaha Symphony.  We saw, “Bugs Bunny on Broadway”


it was very interesting and very cool because they had a screen and they were showing the cartoons with just the voices and then the symphony was playing the music that went along with it.  I loved it.   Then we went for dessert at the cheesecake factory (which I will NOT write a review on because any body can got cheesecake factory and spend 8 bucks and see for themselves) I had a Godiva™ Chocolate brownie sundae (man that’ a mouthful, in more ways than one that thing was HUGE) And other people in party had the chocolate coconut cheesecake, which I don’t fancy.   and the strawberry cheesecake.  HEY LOOK IT”S A RANDOM POLL.

Also it was Conan O’Brien’s last day at NBC last Friday.  He had a very good last show, and was a very good Tonight show host.  He will be missed.  His contract said he had to wait 7 months to host another show lets just hope he goes to another network.

Well that’s all i have to say bye.