hi all,

I just wanted to tell you guys about the new apple ipad.   well it is the coolest thing EVER released by apple and I mean the coolest.

some may say it is just a jacked up iPhone(which to a degree it is)but this is really much better.  by the look of it this thing is gonna push the kindle right off the market.  I does loads of new things in addition to the iphone like, browse safari, use mail, By what I’ve heard it looks amazing for photos(above), it’s of course got he usual ipod, itunes, and videos and movies(which i imagine would also look wonderful on that screen), It has its own app store, in addition to running normal iphone apps,

the ipad app store

it also runs ebooks,or as apple calls them ibooks (which in my opinion sounds like the name of a laptop), and also, maps, notes, a calendar, and notes which look very nice.

Some of the downsides are that , actually I can only think of one downside.  Is that people aren’t going to be carrying one of these things around with them.

It also has a large, high-resolution LED-backlit, IPS display. An incredibly responsive Multi-Touch screen. And an amazingly powerful, Apple-designed chip.  (in case you couldn’t tell I copyed and pasted that from the apple website).

see more at the apple website

also here’s the link to the ipad photo gallery