Hi all,

By now you’ve probably noticed the new header.  I made just today because I thought we needed a new header.  But the other on will probably be back once the olympics are over.  The header also has a cool little olympic countdown on the right.  Except the bad thing is that I actually have to change that every day manually.  So if that isn’t right forgive me.  As you also probably know I LOVE the olympics and think they are just the coolest thing ever.  So also I was reading this thing on my brother Christopher’s blog(I know, I have a brother, shocking) And well it sounds kind true, take a look

I mean tihs is an important issueI mean it’s possible.  You can read all his blog here.  Also  I got a delicious today at first I didn’t know what it was and I had seen it on all the sharethis bars and wondered what it was so I clicked on it and realized it’s like bookmark sharing.  So I made an account you can see it here. But right now mine’s kinda boring so, yea.  And now for a random poll

It snow almost all day today here in Omaha, and now we’re having some major blowing snow and snow drifts.  So I hope we have a snow day tomorrow.

Well see you tomorrow bye.


UPDATE: Hey guys I was just reading this cool thing on the big picture here’s a video of it.