Hi all,
I really need a vacation(sorry to be so blunt). I haven’t been on one in over a year, and some of you may think “well that’s not too bad” well to you it probably isn’t but to me that’s like AN ETERNITY because (this is gonna make me sound really pompus) I’m used to going somewhere AT LEAST once a month. Even not one day out of Omaha since like July(don’t het me wrong I love it here). Not even to my favorite hotel The Fairmont Turnberry Isle in Miami. Well it’s a good thing that we didn’t go to Hawaii this weekend because(if you follow me on Twitter you already know this)their was a HUGE scare there with that earthquake in Chile. The waves weren’t too bad only about an (I think) 3ft. surge. But it was preety big earthquake. The strongest this year in fact(yep even strongere than Haiti). So big in fact the tsunami waves hit all the way to Japan!!! But there was no extensive damage beyond Chile. In other news the olympics end today 😦 in fact I just watched the US v. CANADA hockey game the US tied it in the last 30 seconds but Canada won in sudden death. Well Silver isn’t bad. Well gottago.