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I was just wondering if you guys had seen the new Microsoft phone the kin

it’s very socially oriented,”Social is the DNA of this phone,” said Microsoft’s Derek Snyder.   It has a designated place called “the spot”  where users can drag content and share it.  it ‘s home-screen is always running that shows the latest events texts, tweets, friend requests etc.) from a person’s group of friends.  it is also the first version of the phone to access Zune (which just for the record I don’t like)

But did Microsoft come too late? “Sure, Microsoft has fallen behind in this space but there is a lot to like here,” Van Baker, vice president of research at analyst group Gartner, told the BBC.  Blackberry already has a firm grip on the smartphone market,and the iphone will be hard to beat, but another question is are they actually trying to compete with them, “They are not deemed to be very competitive in the marketplace and deemed largely to be an enterprise play and this is their effort to get into the consumer space in a very good way,” he said. “I think it is a good entry”said Ina Fried, senior writer with CNET news.  I think that their real competitor is going to be the palm pre line of phones, i think that that is what they modeled the kin after, with the multitouch screen and slide out keyboard(I thought was a great feature because I(personally)am not a big fan of touch screen keyboards, but i love touch screens.  I am seriously think about this phone once my blackberry goes on to the great charging station in the sky.

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