Hi all,
If you guys’ve been reading or watching the ipad reveiws, you probably have seen that almost everyone said that one of the cons is that there is no version of Adobe Flash for the ipad, which I think is realy weird. I mean if I were Adobe I would be rushing to make a version for the ipad(which I nicknamed iflash)just charge people $4.99 for it which is about the average price for an app, the same with Flash for iphones/itouches, and even Blakberrys, palms, and androids. I will still be buying an ipad even with this dilema, I wonder if apple coulkd make their won version Flash espcialy for the ipad(like I said before iflash padflash even)well, that’s all, oh wait no its not, in other Opera Mini for iphone/itouch was released yeasterdy(in fact I’m posting from it right now on my Blackberry)I’m hoping that the code for I phone/itouch will be close to the one for ipad so it won’t be long until iopera or operapad. By the way, if you guys are wonndering why I kept saying iphone/itouch, I don’t want to descriminate those without iphones.
Now, that’s all