Hi all,

i am sitting here at a public computer(and yes, it IS apple) in the Tokoyo-Narita(TKN) airport Delta Skyclub, but the last time i was here it was a Northwest Worldclub, but other than the name it hasn’t really changed.  i am (sadly) on;y connecting here on my way to Bangkok(BKK, but dont get that confused with BRK, that’s Berkshire Hathaway).  I really like the club here, it’s like exactly what  you expect it to look like,

Tokyo Skyclub from my computers point of view

Here's one with me in it (is it what you expected me to look like)

those honestly aren’t the best pictures, just taken from my computer, ok not really MY computer but you get the point.  Also that was the first time you guys saw my face, is it what you expected???

I also just wanted to say that i love watching Japanese TV. sorry i couldn't get you guys a picture from the front of the club.

well i gottago, plane boarding