Hi all,

Well I’m back in Tokyo from Thailand.  I’m once again sitting in the Delta Skyclub.  So you’re probably waiting for a really long post catching you up on all that’s happened, well that’s not what you’re going to get.  now, you’re probably wondering why.  because I’ve been periodically taking video posts on my camera.  i’d  show them to you if this Mac had an SD slot, but sadly it doesn’t.  so i’ll just fill you in on what;s happened since we got into Tokyo (NRT).  Ok so we get in do customs and all that, which is really just security because at that time we weren’t planning on staying in japan.  Sp we get into the terminal, nothing special going on, we check the monitor, our flights 1.5 Hrs. late, so guess who’s gonna mis-connect

this guy

so that basically means that we may not get our flight from Detroit back to Omaha in time.  So i may be stuck in Tokyo.  Also to other stories i want to tell you guys.  Ok so as you know we stayed in Ayuthaya for 2 days one day just sightseeing the other day was my brother’s wedding (which by the way was very cool and interesting) then we all went to an island called Ko Chang and the and 2 days in Bangkok.  SO it’s our last day in Ko Chang and we’re going down the street with our 2 friends Jean and Marie and Marie sees this sign for a fish spa(which i’d never heard of) and says hey, we should go do that.  What it is you put your  feet in a tank full of fish and they eat all the dead shin off your feet.  It feels SO GOOD

It is one of the most weird and interesting things i’ve ever done.  I’ll tell you guys more about my trip later. But i have to go now, Bye