Hi all,
Well, wether you’re a veteran reader of my blog, or this is only you’re second time here, you’re probably familiar with my theme. Well, if you’re a fellow blogger, you know how important the theme of a blog is, it’s the first thing visitors to your blog notice, it’s also how they navigate and recognize your blog. Well lately, I’ve been thinking, my theme is getting a little bit boring, and as you also probably know, wonderful WordPress has been coming out with new themes left and right. Well, we all sometimes need a change of scenery, and I have been thinking of changing my theme, but I know my current theme is kinda a favorite with my readers here, so I wanted to ask your opinion, I was thinking abbot the new notepad theme, inspired by the iPad notes app, but I always want your opinion, so I want you to comment, and give me your opinion, so if you have any themes you’d like, comment, email me at declanswpblog@gmail.com, or on Twitter @declanmar. But one things for sure,I need to change that damned header. I threw that header together in like four seconds, because I had something to do, I had a perfect one saved on another computer, but now I’m off for the summer, and they wipe my server, over the summer, so that’s gone forever. But, oh well, I can always get ones off Google images. Well that’s it, I guess, so for now, bye, I wish you hugs and chocolate.