Hi all,
Well we’ve all seen those gigantic, obnoxious Lincoln navigators, but we’ve all also seen those little tiny smartcars. But where is the middle size, I mean, all the cars now are either really tiny, or gigantic. And well I’m kinda torn wether to get a big car to a little tiny one. Well first we’ll start with the large SUVs

I mean they’re kinda, correction, really obnoxious, they can’t be good for the environment, and they’re really expensive, but they’ve also got a lot of space, if you got in an accident, who do you think would take the damage, and of course you can see over all the other gigantic cars.

Next we have the little tiny cars

Well first of all, they’re cheep, they get great gas millage, only a $300 a year gas bill, and you can still keep stiff in them, but, they’re kinda unsafe, they can’t hold all your stuff, and they just do t have all the features of the bigger cars. Well, I think I’ll get a smaller car, just based on the price, it gets me where I need to go, and they can hold my small amount of stuff. Well, that’s it.