Hi all,

Well, I play the cello and am in an orchestra. During practice today I was wondering why it seems the violins always get the melody, and us Violas, and Cellos always get stuck on backup, and don’t even get me started on the poor basses. Well I originally thought it was just our conductor the last 3 years, because she was a violin( well she played all the instruments, but violin was her main), but our new conductor is a cello like me, and we’re still in the background.

Cello, 'A voz do amor e da dor e da paixão...'...

So what I want to know is whose idea was it to make the violins the main instrument, was it back in the time of Bach and Beethoven, or was it just in modern times, and how did it get that way, was there a reason, or did it just work out that way, or was it some sort of prejudice, I don’t know, but what I do know is that us cellos, and violas, and basses are all condemned to a life of playing backup for those big wig violins.