LukBuk’s “Must Haves” for Christmas ‘09

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These are my choices for ‘Must Haves’ for Christmas 2009.

NOTE: These are all going to be electronics.

Must Have Number 1:


xbox360 consolesAn Xbox360 ‘Arcade’ (White), and ‘Elite’ (Black)

Now you’re probably thinking, “What’s the difference between the two?” Well, the Xbox360 Elite comes with more features, a 120 GB harddrive, a headset, and other crap.

The 360 Arcade comes with the console, a controller, and 1 month free of Live UNLIKE the Elite. Also I doesn’t come with a 120 GB harddrive, but you are able to buy a harddrive.

Must Have Number 2:

Grand Theft Auto 4

Grand Theft Auto 4 (PS3) Cover

Though an relatively old game (release date – 2008) it is loads of fun and is available for PC (click here for system requirements), PS3, and Xbox360. I’m not going to talk about the game due to many reviews on YouTube.


Must Have Number 3:

Beatles Rock Band

Beatles Rock Band Cover (Wii)

This game is like an ordinary Rock Band game, except for the music, and your characters…obviously the Beatles. This game is available for Wii, Xbox360, and Ps3.  This game aired September 10th 2009. I am not going to go into depth on this game due to reviews on YouTube.

Must Have Number 4:

Nintendo Wii

The Nintendo Wii Box

Since the air off the Wii in 2006 to now as of 2009, pretty much everyone I know owns a Wii.  Plus the Wii price has dropped so it’s a good time to get one. The Wii uses a wireless remote that has a bit of similarity to your television remote, but it involves physical activity in your arm to control the game. (Or certain games you use your rear to control it…lol) The Wii also has many games to get people ‘into shape’ or ‘more fit’. Such as the title, “Wii Fit.” I will not ramble more on about the Wii since there is a review on trusty old CNET.



Snow Day

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Yeah!!! I am so happy! Today is a snow day.  And my  boss’s son is a meteorologist for the air force (YAY go air force) and he E-mailed her yesterday  morning saying that we are going to to get 8-12 inches of snow and he was right!!!  Also like this entire half of Nebraska has declared a snow emergency.  That is different then a state of emergency.  That doesn’t come till tomorrow.  Every thing is closing.  Even all the malls closed.  We even have a blizzard warning.  It’s supposed to blizzard tomorrow with “life threatening” winds up to 50 MPH.  look at all the closings.  Also… “yesterday was a day that will live in infamy”   Happy pearl harbor day.  Well back to the snow.  All of this side of Nebraska has declared a snow emergency.   Here’s some pictures I took while I was out snow blowing.

Even UNO and UNL canceled all their classes including all the other colleges.  It’s supposed to start blizzarding tomorrow morning at like 3 AM.

——————OMG a blizzard WARNING just got issued——————-

Well it looks like we may be eating the canned food we got for the food drive if it gets as bad as they are making it look.  Well I gotago bye.


Christmas station

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Hi all,

You guys are never going to believe this.  Monday here in Omaha my favorite radio station STAR 104.5 transferred to Christmas music.  That’s right Christmas music.  Ok not today but yesterday so it was weird because I drive to work with like talk show kinda stuff so I didn’t know until I turned it on, on my way home.  Well anyway it usually is pretty good music but they can get off topic sometimes like.  Well anyway here is the link to listen live. Also can you believe that Tiger Woods got in a car accident. He was slightly injured when he accidentally drove his Cadillac SUV into a tree near (and a fire hydrant) his home in Orlando, Florida.  Plus I am running an awesome site poll.

please choose one virtual world and/or one gaming site

New Christmas theme.

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Hi all,

Check it out I got a new Christmas theme!!!  But relax it’s only temporary.  sorry I didn’t get to post yesterday.  My boss (the big one) said I was talking to the person next to me when I had just asked him  a technical question  . she said she had given me a warning.  she hadn’t.  all I had done was ask the guy next to me a question.  anyway she sent us both away from the computer to do something else.  The other guy got banned for two days which is even less fair.  Also we got a stupid firewall here, which luckily doesn’t block WordPress. but it does block some other awesome stuff like: Yahoo Mail , YouTube, Twitter, & facebook.  So I was just wondering if any of you out there know how to get past a DeepNines firewall.  If you do Comment or E-mail me at Also I don’t understand that name.  I mean what is a DeepNines I mean honestly is it like a low number or what…  Anyway I have found a few ways but they don’t always work, nothing foolproof.  Also I found an awesome website called FailBlog and it is HILARIOUS. Well I probably shouldn’t say I found it, my friend who doesn’t want to be named showed it to me.  The URL is FailBlog or if you’re on a DeepNines computer it’s at FailBlog.  By the way if a window may come up that says, Certificate error or Security error.  It’s OK  just click allow and proceed to the site.  Well gotago.

Bye all,


Time for christmas

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It’s that time of year again.  That’s right Christmas.  Now I understand that some of you are saying “hey Dec it’s too early”.  Well it’s not. The day after Halloween starts the Semi-Christmas season. which also means Declan’s Annual Christmas Sweepstakes YAY !!!!! OK I’ll admit it wasn’t  originally (and really still isn’t) a sweepstakes it’s really just becoming a member of my site.  And really what’s wrong with that.

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