Why the US needs to play more soccer

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Popularity of football (soccer) around the world(via wikipedia, click for full size

football around the world

Hi all,

after the world cup I was thinking that US definitely needs to play playing more soccer (ahem football) it’s a very simple sport and doesn’t take as much time as US football, and its constant action, not, play for 8 seconds, penalty, wait for penalty ruling, wait for penalty to be approved, penalty challenged, ads, play for 8 seconds, repeat.  I also think we should play more cricket, but that’s another post.  Well I’ve gotta go write another email to FIFA requesting Omaha be the location of 2026 world cup.



World cup fever

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Hi all,
Well, if you’ve been doing, well, anchoring lately, you’ve probably realized that the 2010 FIFA world cup is going on. It seems like even Americans who usually don’t give a rats hat about soccer(ahem, football)are getting really excited about it, it’s even on the coke cans, which is a pretty big deal. The world cup in itself is like a cool idea, like a mini olympics, where all the countries of the world can get together and all play under honest virtues. It also helps all the people with in country problems all get together and root for the same team. Well i gotta go, but as a closing I’d just like to say, England, England, England,England

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