Courtyards are weird

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Hi all,
Well I’m sitting here in room 202 of the long island courtyard Marriott. I was walking around(as I so love to do) and it’s decorated in a perfect style, has great amenities, but the room is kinda sucky. Last night I was staying a just plain old Marriott and the room and hotel was nice and normal. But HERE it’s all different, there’s like a restaurant, and a convenient store, and, yes, and actual courtyard, this one seems more like a place to hang out, where you would just stay here, and the other one just seemed like lodging. Also the did something weird at checkin here, the made me sign a no partying policy, and yes that is hoe they worded it at the top it said, no partying policy, weird right. That’s all,


Miaimi, thank god

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Hi all,
This post will be written mainly in several places, because I am finally go going on a vacation
i) on the plane preparing to depart in Omaha(OMA)
ii) at my 3 hour (ugh) layover in Detroit(DTW)
iii) in the car on the way to the hotel in Miami(MIA)
iv) and finally published at the Fairmont Turnberry Isle Resort

All that because i am finally going on vacation! Now some of you may may be wondering why, and the answer is simple, because I can. We are staying at my favorite hotel, The Fairmont Turnberry Isle, Resort and club, Adventura, Florida. Man, that’s a long name. I am sold I am going on this vacation, I really need one, except this time need a type A vacation, not a type B like Thailand was. Now you probably want to know the difference between type A, and B vacations, well I’m glad you asked. Type A vacations, are the relaxing, nice, quiet, vacations, like Miami. And type B are the exciting, thrill-seeking, running around vacations, like Thailand was. And in other news, no voice post today,why, duh I’m on a plane, no cell phones. Well that’s it.
PS: I would just like to say Happy Birthday Idaho

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