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Hi all,

Well anyone who watches the office on NBC

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knows that Steve Carell(far right) plays the manager, well recently he announced that he would be leaving the office, well this seems bad right, well I heard that Ricky Gervais may be taking his place as manager of the Dunder Mifflin Scranton branch, well you all probably know Ricky Gervais is hilarious, and I think that this could be a good thing for Dunder Mifflin


Ricky Gervais show

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Hi all,

I watched the Ricky Gervais show last Friday (ok well it really wasnt Friday I had it DVRed but you get the point) and it is SO funny it’s on HBO (cox, 15; HD 8-something) Fridays at 8 my time.  What it is like , well apparently he does podcasts and this is just them in the recording booth all cartoonified, talking that’s all it is. 

It’s more of like the two on the left (Ricky is in the middle) making fun of the guy on the right after he tells some stupid story.  And for some of the things it talks about it like does a little cartoon of them.  It’s really awesome.  Remember, HBO (Cox, 15;HD, 8-someting) 8PM my time (that’s 7 eastern).  It’s so funny.  You all probably noticed that I put with glowing hearts up on the banner now.  Also if you’ve watched th news you probably noticed that Sarah Palin is at it again, again (for more on Sarah Palin click here) She’s running for PRESDENT, not VP PRESIDENT.  If she does get elected I might have to flee the country.  And now a random poll

Well that’s all I have to talk about, bye. 


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