Hi all,

Check it out I got a new Christmas theme!!!  But relax it’s only temporary.  sorry I didn’t get to post yesterday.  My boss (the big one) said I was talking to the person next to me when I had just asked him  a technical question  . she said she had given me a warning.  she hadn’t.  all I had done was ask the guy next to me a question.  anyway she sent us both away from the computer to do something else.  The other guy got banned for two days which is even less fair.  Also we got a stupid firewall here, which luckily doesn’t block WordPress. but it does block some other awesome stuff like: Yahoo Mail , YouTube, Twitter, & facebook.  So I was just wondering if any of you out there know how to get past a DeepNines firewall.  If you do Comment or E-mail me at declanswpblog@gmail.com Also I don’t understand that name.  I mean what is a DeepNines I mean honestly is it like a low number or what…  Anyway I have found a few ways but they don’t always work, nothing foolproof.  Also I found an awesome website called FailBlog and it is HILARIOUS. Well I probably shouldn’t say I found it, my friend who doesn’t want to be named showed it to me.  The URL is FailBlog or if you’re on a DeepNines computer it’s at FailBlog.  By the way if a window may come up that says, Certificate error or Security error.  It’s OK  just click allow and proceed to the site.  Well gotago.

Bye all,