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Hi all,

If you have been keeping up with my twitter then you know I had a wonderful night out last night.  We had a wonderful dinner at the lovely M’s pub.

Look for a review on that later.  Then we went to a wonderful concert at the Holland centre with the Omaha Symphony.  We saw, “Bugs Bunny on Broadway”


it was very interesting and very cool because they had a screen and they were showing the cartoons with just the voices and then the symphony was playing the music that went along with it.  I loved it.   Then we went for dessert at the cheesecake factory (which I will NOT write a review on because any body can got cheesecake factory and spend 8 bucks and see for themselves) I had a Godiva™ Chocolate brownie sundae (man that’ a mouthful, in more ways than one that thing was HUGE) And other people in party had the chocolate coconut cheesecake, which I don’t fancy.   and the strawberry cheesecake.  HEY LOOK IT”S A RANDOM POLL.

Also it was Conan O’Brien’s last day at NBC last Friday.  He had a very good last show, and was a very good Tonight show host.  He will be missed.  His contract said he had to wait 7 months to host another show lets just hope he goes to another network.

Well that’s all i have to say bye.



Snow Day

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Yeah!!! I am so happy! Today is a snow day.  And my  boss’s son is a meteorologist for the air force (YAY go air force) and he E-mailed her yesterday  morning saying that we are going to to get 8-12 inches of snow and he was right!!!  Also like this entire half of Nebraska has declared a snow emergency.  That is different then a state of emergency.  That doesn’t come till tomorrow.  Every thing is closing.  Even all the malls closed.  We even have a blizzard warning.  It’s supposed to blizzard tomorrow with “life threatening” winds up to 50 MPH.  look at all the closings.  Also… “yesterday was a day that will live in infamy”   Happy pearl harbor day.  Well back to the snow.  All of this side of Nebraska has declared a snow emergency.   Here’s some pictures I took while I was out snow blowing.

Even UNO and UNL canceled all their classes including all the other colleges.  It’s supposed to start blizzarding tomorrow morning at like 3 AM.

——————OMG a blizzard WARNING just got issued——————-

Well it looks like we may be eating the canned food we got for the food drive if it gets as bad as they are making it look.  Well I gotago bye.


Pitch pizza

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All you who have been following my twitter probably saw that I went to a new cool place call Pitch Pizza (5021 Underwood Avenue
Omaha, NE 68132
, (402) 590-2625).  It’s a very unique type of restaurant,  coal fired pizza.  It’s in a very upscale district.  Part of Dundee. When you first walk in don’t let the tables of 10, somewhat industrial appearance, & somewhat eccentric hostess drive you away.  Because this a new restaurant it’s still very busy so the will probably be 20-30 mins. But this food is worth the wait.  The first thing on the menu that surprised me is that they not only have Coca-Cola products (thank god)  but they also have

  • Red bull
  • a special brand of root beer
  • Red Bull and Sugar free Red Bull
  • Izzie 🙂
  • iced tea
  • Milk, and
  • Fiji Water

To start we ordered a plate consisting of salami, mozzarella cheese, a combination of peppers all mixed together, several types of olives, and roast beef, and crackers to put it all on.  Now to the main course we had a classic margarita.  Which was just the way I like it hot, cheesy, and basily.  And we also got a more interesting kind called a moi.  It consisted of Tomato sauce(duh), fennel sausage (Which I thought was weird, I actually didn’t even know existed), pepperoni,  with Mozzarella cheese.  That actually wasn’t too good.  It was kinda spicy and not the best combination.  Also they had an interesting thing called pitch your own where you get to make your own pizza.  You get to choose from a list of veggies, proteins, and cheeses.  We didn’t stay for dessert.  However I had heard that it was very good.  I also think you could have a good dessert at the ecreamery (5001 Underwood St Omaha, NE 68132
(866) 920-5344  Very good ice cream.

Well, that’s all I have to say.




Christmas station

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Hi all,

You guys are never going to believe this.  Monday here in Omaha my favorite radio station STAR 104.5 transferred to Christmas music.  That’s right Christmas music.  Ok not today but yesterday so it was weird because I drive to work with like talk show kinda stuff so I didn’t know until I turned it on, on my way home.  Well anyway it usually is pretty good music but they can get off topic sometimes like.  Well anyway here is the link to listen live. Also can you believe that Tiger Woods got in a car accident. He was slightly injured when he accidentally drove his Cadillac SUV into a tree near (and a fire hydrant) his home in Orlando, Florida.  Plus I am running an awesome site poll.

please choose one virtual world and/or one gaming site

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