The Game (haha you just lost)


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haha she lost

Hi all,

Well first I want to apologize for not blogging I’ve been kinda busy.  Well some of you out there probably play “The Game”, which you just lost (but so did I to think of the post), and if you don’t start.  It’s really fun and there’s only 3 rules

  1. Everyone in the world is playing The Game. (Sometimes narrowed to: “Everybody in the world who knows about The Game is playing The Game”, or, “You are always playing The Game.”) You cannot not play The Game; it does not require consent to play and you can never stop playing.
  2. Whenever one thinks about The Game, one loses.
  3. Losses must be announced to at least one person (either by using a statement such as “I Lost The Game” or by alternative means).

that’s the game you now must play, it’s impossible not to.



Courtyards are weird

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Hi all,
Well I’m sitting here in room 202 of the long island courtyard Marriott. I was walking around(as I so love to do) and it’s decorated in a perfect style, has great amenities, but the room is kinda sucky. Last night I was staying a just plain old Marriott and the room and hotel was nice and normal. But HERE it’s all different, there’s like a restaurant, and a convenient store, and, yes, and actual courtyard, this one seems more like a place to hang out, where you would just stay here, and the other one just seemed like lodging. Also the did something weird at checkin here, the made me sign a no partying policy, and yes that is hoe they worded it at the top it said, no partying policy, weird right. That’s all,



Hi all,
Well, I’m posting by email, because the stupid wordpress blackberry app won’t load, and the wordpress mobile site sucks. Well I’m on yhe bus, and ley me just say, this thing is really damn hot, it doesn’t have AC, and there’s tons of people in here. AND I’m the last stop, so I have to suffer until 1545 maybe 1530 on good days, but that almost never happens. Well that’s it.

curse you, rush hour

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Hi all,
Well, I’m sitting here at the intersection of 156 and Pacific. I just want ed to take this time to say, rush hour, I hate you. And omahas rush hour is really bad, and I mean terrible, you wouldn’t think so, maybe its just the college world series, but its still annoyying.
Well I’m almost to the Humaine society, bye


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  hi all,

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, I’ve had a bad cold since Monday when I went out to shovel snow.   And since then I’ve had a nasty cold.  Also today I was looking soooo forward to our war because I just got recruited to a team and then suddenly the wars suddenly got banned on my first day :(.  I was soooo bummed out.  The war was going to be soooo fun and I was all pumped and on my way to the battlefield (aka the gym) when they stopped our entire team just as we got there.  but I really feel sorry for the commanders, they had put so much time into recruiting and training their teams so they deserve compensation. 

And now the moment you’ve all been waiting for… THE RANDOM POLL

In other news I will be releasing the categories and nomination forms for they decys very soon. 

And if you want to be on the Platinum Voting Board please send an E-mail to with “application” in the subject line with the following  information

  1. Name and WordPress username*
  2. Why you want to be on the board
  3. What you want to vote about
  4. How often you can come to meetings
  5. if you have a yahoo messenger or google talk account
  6. anything else to convince me. 
* You must have at least a WordPress username to be on the board

You will receive an E-mail if you get accepted (or not).  And PLEASE don;t hate me if I reject you.  I only have so many spaces.

In the words of the great Monty Python, and now for something completely different.  Actually I gottago bye. 


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