Steve Carell leaving office


Hi all,

Well anyone who watches the office on NBC

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knows that Steve Carell(far right) plays the manager, well recently he announced that he would be leaving the office, well this seems bad right, well I heard that Ricky Gervais may be taking his place as manager of the Dunder Mifflin Scranton branch, well you all probably know Ricky Gervais is hilarious, and I think that this could be a good thing for Dunder Mifflin


Tylor Swift on SNL.

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Hi all,

Sorry I haven’t posted in  a long time. Did you see Taylor Swift on SNL last Saturday?  That was one of the best shows in a long time.  But I did think it was weird that she was the musical  guest and the host.  What did the only have enough money for one or the other so they choose someone to both.  But she still did do a great job.  We had a stupid temp. in my department today and she was sooooo annoying with a capital A.  She gave us way too much to do and not enough time to do it so everyone in my department had to take work home last night.  And we had a worker council meeting (worker council is like a government for the workplace.  That’s not corporate. kinda like a union) and they make me get up at 6.45 every Tuesday morning and its so annoying because today it was only like 5 mins. and the information centre doesn’t open till 7.15 so I had to just  sit there in the cafeteria drinking a cherry coke.  They have some nerve making me wake up 20 mins. early for a 5 minute meeting.   Also I’m finally out of German 🙂 !  Now they’re teaching us to speak French and our teacher madame Gjere pronounced Jerry, it’s Norwegian, she said she married a viking, what can you do) is a très bon professeur (Very good teacher) I kinda know her personally.  I guess that’s all.  Bye for now.

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